This place is overwhelming and as you can see extremely difficult to get pleasing compositions. The huge amount of trees on the beach are tough to work with and finding isolation is key.
To get this far down the beach I had to bushwack through the high tide water line of downed trees and living plants and then wade through a river that ran out to the sea.  The palms and live oaks were incredible and I was pretty taken aback with what to shoot.

In this instance I was interested in the group of trees and limbs far out in the water. Their proximity and interplay intrigued me and I ventured way out for a better look.   Getting any real isolation required a different lens, so I made do with what I had and captured some interesting water movement.

Needless to say, but I got a bit wet.

Later that day sunset didn’t disappoint and the tranquility of the moment was intoxicating.