John MacLean and I would like your input. We have heard loud and clear that you want a workflow management and processing class. To that end we have setup a new Adobe Lightroom 4 workshop, but we need to figure out who is interested and what date you’d prefer. The plan is to have one full day in a classroom with presentations followed by lab style activities and one-on-one help.

Location: Charleston, SC

Workflow topics covered, but not limited to:


  • File importing
  • Catalog management – Folders and Collections
  • Benefits of Adobe DNG vs. camera proprietary RAW formats
  • Keywording
  • Flagging, Color Labeling and Rating


  • Navigator
  • Histogram and Shadow/Highlight clipping warning
  • Toolbar: Crop Overlay – Spot Removal – Red Eye Correction – Graduated Filter – Adjustment Brush
  • Basic Panel
  • Tone Curve Panel
  • HSL / Color / B&W Panel
  • Sharpening & Noise Reduction Panel
  • Lens Correction Panel
  • Effects Panel – Post Crop Vignetting and Film Grain Effects
  • Camera Calibration Panel


  • Image Exporting – creating properly sized and sharpened exports for specific image uses
  • Exporting catalog from laptop and importing to desktop computer
  • Keyboard Shortcuts throughout LR4

If there’s time, we will try to touch on the benefits of the new Lightroom 5 Beta

Required items:

  • Windows or Mac laptop or all-in-one computer like iMac
  • Lightroom 4.4 installed


Optional items:
Suggested X-Rite Color Management products
If you are interested please leave a comment with your availability, May 18th, May 25th and/or June 1st.