This morning I got up early and checked the weather. Cloud cover looked perfect for sunrise anywhere up and down the coast and after a quick check of the tides I decided to head out to the marsh. Low tide was in a couple of hours which meant that I wouldn’t get stranded anywhere having to wade back to shore.

I quickly made my way out to a little island offshore and began to explore some compositions. Just off to the right of this image there is a small tree and mound of marsh grasses. I worked that for some time and then headed to this spot. I was digging the incredible clouds and the reflections that this water was generating.

After getting the perfect light from the rising sun I made my way around and in front of the little tree and made a few more compositions. Just then I heard a strange gutteral sound and I was a little shaken. I had no idea what it was and a few moments later out of habit I checked my pockets for my phone. It wasn’t there. Had I dropped it? Was that the sound? I distinctly remember bringing it with me. I doubled back to each of the spots that I had shot and searched the area where I had heard the noise. Nada….

I walked all the way back to the island and searched again. Grass and Water. No phone…

Doubling back, I searched each of the spots thoroughly once again, finding nothing.

I decided that it was possible that I had dropped it on the way out to the island. So I headed back with my eyes scanning the ground all the way through the overgrown island and back into the water. At the marsh path just on the other side of the island I found my phone angled down into the mud and water still working fine. Whew, relief! I dust it off and trudge on.

About 6 steps later my left foot disappears into the mud all the way to the knee. I struggle to regain balance and composure and extricate my leg with the shoe still on my foot. My heart pounds but I manage to get everything back to shore and make my muddy walk back to the car. It was an exhilarating start to the day and I can’t wait to return.