This past weekend a bunch of friends headed out to Capers Island to scout the island and capture the beauty of the boneyard, dunes, beach and geminid shower.  We decided to kayak out to  the island, but we had too much gear so we got our friends at Coastal Expeditions to drop it on the island for us.  We had an incredible amount of gear including bicycles which helped us explore the whole island.


As you can see our intrepid boat captain motored up a skinny creek allowing us to drop everything as close as possible to the campsite.  After the 5 mile paddle out we were ready to relax around the fire, eat like kings and get ready for the meteor shower.
It did not dissappoint and we were enthralled gazing to the heavens, and every now and then gasping as we saw another large streak.  Capturing them on frame was really challenging but we came out with several shots we were happy with.

The top image was from the sunset before dinner where Dave and I where trying to time the waves without getting too wet.  It was lots of fun and around 2 seconds provided this result.  I like the peaceful feeling that this image portrays and it was very apropo for the feeling of camping under the stars and falling asleep listening to the ocean surf.

Thanks gents for a great weekend. Really looking forward to returning soon.
Many more images to come.