At the far end of Folly Beach, far from the crowds, hotels and restaurants, this lone survivor stands resolute against the tidal onslaught.  How long it will stand is anyone’s guess.  I have visited on several occasions and cherished each moment.  After my visit I say goodbye, believing that very well could be the last time visiting with this stalwart.  It’s an emotional experience but in a good way.  I get to enjoy it’s natural beauty for years now that I have images to remember it by.

For this image right after sunset I set my tripod and camera up very close to the little pool of water at the base of the tree.  The wind was blowing fiercly and the water was moving directly towards the camera swirling in wonderful lines.  I decided a longer exposure would help to show the movement in the water and the movement in the clouds and I really liked the end result.

I have a client from out of town coming in to stay on Folly Beach and has specifically requested that we visit this tree.  It’s a fantastic walk from the parking area at the West end and a good opportunity to reconnect with our natural world.  If you have never been and you find an opportunity you should definitely visit this tree.  If you go watch the tides as you can get caught out there when the tide comes in.