Coastal Adventures

Summer Nights – Charleston, SC

On a cool evening a little while back I had the great pleasure of sharing one of my favorite sunrise and night viewing locations with two new friends.  We arrived late and worked our way back and forward on the long pier relishing the cool as the sun departed.

It was a special moment and […]

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“Character” – A lone tree at Bulls Island

“Character is formed in the stormy billows of the world.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Last week I headed out to Bulls Island with a group to capture some stars.  Unfortunately the skies were very very cloudy and I only saw one star. Never fear there is always sunrise and more to work with.  For the daylight […]

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A New Dawn – Marsh Grass, Charleston, SC

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Bulls Island and Spring in Charleston Photo Workshop

The rush of the water and the pull of the tide as a gnarled old tree still stands chest deep in the swirling Atlantic.
If you have never seen these boneyards along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia then you are missing out. This twisted speciman on Bulls Island is much more interesting in […]

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Hanging On – Hamlin Sound, Mount Pleasant, SC

I’ve wandered out into the marsh several times to catch a sunrise over the grasses and waterways many times.  Quite often it’s an adventure.  I’m not entirely sure why.  You would think after a while it would become second nature and routine.  Everytime I go I have little episodes where something happens.  On this […]

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Bulls Island Expedition

On days like this when the rest of the world is bracing for the onslaught of winter weather, I relish the warmth of the coast and the remote islands around the low country. This island, Bulls Island is 5,000 acres of dense maritime forest, miles of hiking trails and fresh water ponds teeming with […]

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This Way to A Mental Reset

I captured this a few days ago as I ventured out onto the beach in search of solitude. There is nothing finer than a stroll on the beach to let the mind relax. There is something about the beach that allows you to let go of everything else and clear the mind.  It is […]

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The Lone Survivor – Folly Beach, SC

At the far end of Folly Beach, far from the crowds, hotels and restaurants, this lone survivor stands resolute against the tidal onslaught.  How long it will stand is anyone’s guess.  I have visited on several occasions and cherished each moment.  After my visit I say goodbye, believing that very well could be the last time […]

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Washed Away – Bulls Island

A few weeks ago I found myself riding in the back of a government owned pickup truck leading a group on a sledge, safari style through the maritime jungles of Bulls Island. We were hunting dark skies and had arrived early to see the wildlife and capture sunset in the boneyard. The amount of […]

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Capers Island Kayak Camping Trip

This past weekend a bunch of friends headed out to Capers Island to scout the island and capture the beauty of the boneyard, dunes, beach and geminid shower.  We decided to kayak out to  the island, but we had too much gear so we got our friends at Coastal Expeditions to drop it on the […]

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