“I’ve spent half my life searching for the truth.  The left half of my life” – Jarod Kintz

I’ve always been enamored with long exposure seascapes.  The juxtaposition of solid immovable rock in high clarity and soft dreamy flowing water is amazing.  Add an interesting sky and it really can all come together perfectly.  I was fortunate to get great conditions in Newport with an excellent sunrise.  I setup with some lines of rock leading out to the sun and figured out my settings then fired it all off and let the camera record the scene.

Long exposures are another way that I can slow down as once the shutter has been fired there is nothing to do but look around and observe the beauty all around me.  I’ve found myself reflecting during these times and watching the waves carefully.  Every now and then I search for different compositions and alternative lines.  But usually I just relish in the moment.

It’s a healthy way for me to reset my mind. 🙂