I’ve wandered out into the marsh several times to catch a sunrise over the grasses and waterways many times.  Quite often it’s an adventure.  I’m not entirely sure why.  You would think after a while it would become second nature and routine.  Everytime I go I have little episodes where something happens.  On this morning I was trying out my new surf booties.  Wow!  They work really well.  Not only do they insulate extremely well against the chilly waters but they stay on my feet when I sink into the pluff mud.  I should have got these years ago and tossed the old tennis shoes. 🙂

Anyway the real adventure began when I lost my cell phone, or thought I had.  After capturing this sweet light and making a few more compositions I checked all my pockets in my OCD way, and realized I was short my phone.  So I retraced my steps back and forth through the waters and maritime forest searching for my phone.  Nothing.  If you remember I had lost my phone on my previous trip out to this same spot when it fell out of my pocket into the mud.  Luckily my retracing steps found it that time, but this time I was coming up empty.  I made one last trip around the marsh and gave up.

Dejectedly I headed back to the car and tossed my stuff into the trunk.  Opening the door I found my phone sitting there blinking up at me as if to say, “Ha! You left me behind. I was here all along.”

I’m thinking of getting rid of the thing.  It’s too much hassle, and too expensive.