It’s been a crazy last week rolling out the new website and the 7 days of Spring Celebration.  Congrats again to all the winners.  If you didn’t see all the prizes or hear who the winners were check it out.   Tommy and I had a blast and the response was incredible.

After all those festivities I had to get out and get some new images and get some much needed relaxation.  Over the weekend we had a big cold front move through with really high winds and I knew clear skies would follow.  Early Sunday morning I jumped on the opportunity to get up early and see what I could see.  Out at the beach the wind was easily blowing 40 mph but the sky was perfectly clear and the stars were fantastic.  After a little bit I found this interesting gazebo just nestled in the dunes and got a couple of images with the Milky Way illuminating the sky behind.  I could just imagine a beautiful moonlight ceremony in this spot.


Milky Way among the dunes