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Photographing the Stars – Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend

Last night I had the great pleasure of talking at the Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend near Blowing Rock, NC.  What an engaging group of folks we had.  It was really fun to show a few of my images and talk about the process to capture them and even a little bit about processing. […]

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How to Deal with Condensation On Your Lens

Condensation is an absolute killer to a photo shoot.  Once it sets in you can wipe and wipe and it will keep coming back.  So what causes condensation and how can you get rid of it and prevent it?
Causes of Condensation
Condensation occurs anytime the lens is cooler than the ambient air temperature and there […]

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How to Photograph Moving Water – Streaking Waves

Illustrating the sense of motion in a photograph by capturing streaking waves can really add something special. Getting those streaking waves is something that I’m constantly striving for and when it all comes together I’m really excited. You only really need a quality camera and a tripod but a remote trigger can really help […]

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How to Get Tack Sharp Images with Low Noise in Low Light

Here is a quick tip on achieving tack sharp images with low noise while photographing in low light. In order to maximize the quality of the image, reduce noise and increase dynamic range and color space a low ISO is preffered. For landscapes that generally means opening the shutter for longer periods […]

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Using Foreground in Photography for Maximum Effect

Three things that I look for when photographing landscapes are a dramatic background, good light, and a solid foreground. In this post I want to focus on just the foreground. This is a part of a series on composition in which foreground plays a major role.

The foreground is key to leading the […]

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Finding an Interesting Composition – Fort Fisher, NC

Choosing a subject and finding the best composition
When you are out in the field how do you go about finding and choosing the subjects you photograph? Does it come easy to you? Is it something you need to work at? For me this has been an evolution and the following post is just one of my experiences chosing a subject and composition a few months ago. But first the backstory.

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Focus Stacking for Macro Subjects

There I was, out in the marsh watching and photographing an incredible sunset… I’d almost got stuck in the mud a couple of times and I was worried about the incoming tide and the encroaching darkness.
I remembered that my kids had taken my headlamp out of my bag and I hadn’t found it before […]

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Photo Babble Ep 4: Backup and Recovery Solutions for all – Amateur, Serious and Professional Photographers

This was a wonderful and lively discussion on storing, backing up and recovering those precious photos. Storage, backup and recovery are usually the last things on your mind as you upgrade your systems and gear, but that can have detrimental effects.

We talked about what kind of drives to buy, the industry standards, how best […]

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Don’t shoot at f/22 Aperture! – Tips to choose your aperture.

This is a guest post from a great friend John MacLean. John has been in the photography business since 1987 and knows a thing or two about a thing or two. To see some of his excellent work and contact him visit his website. John originally wrote about this topic over at his facebook […]

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What do I need to shoot Landscape Photographs?

This is one of the most frequent questions that I get. And there are lots of different answers to this. Patience, dedication, heck even a little gumption. But really what people mean by this is “What camera gear do I need to take beautiful landscape photographs?”.
What photography equipment do you need to shoot Landscape […]

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