Coastal Adventures

Star Gazer

A self portrait captured over Price Lake off the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was whipped after a very long day leading a class, but conditions were so perfect I had to check out this spot. It was the perfect place to relax and unwind.

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Smoky Mountain Gold

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve returned from the Smoky Mountains. It was my first trip to Gatlinburg, and I’m really glad that we travel early and late. That place is a zoo. Traffic is insane. It probably didn’t help that we went there during one of the […]

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Green Meteor Over Price Lake

I just got back from Boone where we held our Mountain Astrophotography Workshop. Despite cloudy and rainy forecasts our group stuck it out and where richely rewarded with almost totally clear skies for several hours on Saturday night. We had a blast capturing the stars and playing with different compositions and light. […]

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Camping on Capers Island

It was just Josh Carlisle and me and our kayaks. A whole island to ourselves.

Somehow we got all our gear into the kayaks and made our way out to the Island. We also managed to navigate perfectly despite the heavy fog. It was weird paddling out into the channel and then hearing […]

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Schoolhouse Falls, Panthertown Valley

This spring our waterfall crew hiked down in the darkness to this little gem at the bottom of a ravine. Tommy and I had scouted it a couple of days prior and discovered a fantastic campsite nearby. Some folks were making the most of the campsite and we later discovered they had just gone […]

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A few weeks back I had the distinct pleasure of taking a client to Botany Bay for a stormy sunrise. We had a blast negotiating the trees and surf and geting wet capturing really moody images. I’ve been so busy that I barely have had time to look through these images and […]

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Spring in Charleston Workshop Wrap Up

We just concluded the Spring in Charleston Workshop and it was a blast. We had truly excellent conditions on Friday and Saturday with amazing light and then some very challenging weather on Sunday morning. A great group of folks and some amazing images. I can safely say that the entire group came away with some […]

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Abstract beach sunrise

Happy Monday!

What do you do with a cloudless featureless sky, and an impending sunrise.  Well you can pack it in, or you can get creative.  Here I tried out a few techniques that I’d used long ago and almost forgotten about.  I like the negative space.   I need to do more of these. […]

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Untouched, Edisto Island

This was our first stop last year during Spring in Charleston. We are gearing up to head there again in a few weeks and are hoping for conditions to be just as perfect. Check out all the stops at

This week we have just launched a new website for Mountains To Sea […]

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A state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a person or place.

Snow arrived and the world grew still as the town shut down.  The bridges closed and the ice and snow settled in.  All was quiet.  The crunching of my boots and every now and then the twittering of a bird.  Amazing how quickly […]

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