It was just Josh Carlisle and me and our kayaks. A whole island to ourselves.

Somehow we got all our gear into the kayaks and made our way out to the Island. We also managed to navigate perfectly despite the heavy fog. It was weird paddling out into the channel and then hearing something motorized then exclaim quickly “BOAT” and paddle as fast as possible for the shore. We couldn’t see anything and couldn’t hear much either.

I did manage to forget my sleeping bag, which made for a very restless night. Luckily I had enough clothes to be only mostly uncomfortable. I doubt I will every forget my sleeping bag ever again, though.

Josh and I had the whole island to explore. Yes, we tried to see all of it. It’s a little too big for that, but we tried. At times the fog was intense and the island felt like it was draped in a cloud. The ocean was just out there somewhere and the waves took on a muffled sound.

The next morning we got tornado and strong thunderstorm warnings on our phones so we quickly packed up, loaded up the kayaks and headed back to the mainland. The whole time we had incredible light. I can’t wait to do it again.DSC_1800-Edit