I just got back from a weekend away in Hot Springs near Asheville. It was my wife’s birthday and we decided a cabin in the woods with no cell phone coverage, TV’s or wifi was just what the doctor ordered. Our major entertainment was the outdoors and of course the wood stove. 🙂

While there I tried to get up to Max Patch but unfortunately the heavy rain and slush created a mud luge of the roads. After sliding a bit on the way up, I decided that it wasn’t in the cards and retired to the warmth of the cabin. The next morning I explored the hiking right around the cabin and found this little creek winding through the property. It was a glorious crisp morning with the rushing water.

Later the boys found a pond filled with ice and had a blast smashing it with sticks and pulling chunks up to dash on the surface only to splinter and skid all the way to the other side.

It was a glorious weekend of reconnecting. I hope you enjoy this little taste of it.