I made it out to Folly Beach over the weekend and managed to get there before sunrise. I took my bike so that I could ride down to the North end of the island which is a state park and looks over to Morris Island Light House. I had visions of capturing the rising sun with the lighthouse perfectly silhouetted.

To my dismay, there was a large bank of storm clouds on the horizon and I knew that there would be no sun rising off the water on this day. I stuck it out and waited to see what would happen. I walked and rode along the beach watching the crabs scuttling away and keeping an eye on the sky. The clouds continued to move and eventually the storm lined up perfectly with the rising sun which threw out these bands of rays clear across the sky to the other horizon. It lit up the clouds directly above my head into a bright pink glow. After a gloomy outlook, I was impressed, Mother Nature delivered an awe inspiring sunrise once again.
I hope you enjoy. 🙂