John MacLean and I just finished up our Charleston Spring Workshop with our last session at Folly Beach. We found some spectacular spots and our group was adventurous, eager to learn and super fun. We really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see all of you again soon.

This image was captured out on some oyster covered rocks at the end of one of the rock groins intended to reduce sand erosion. One of the participants, Sam, and I ventured out onto the rocks to compose a few shots as the sun lit up the sky and cast its glorious red glow. My first couple of compositions were shooting directly out toward the rising sun and the waves were splashing directly onto the front of the camera making life difficult.

I decided to pull back from the edge a little and frame the lighthouse and rocks with some moving water. My cable release port is broken and so the longest shutter speed possible was 30 seconds. Using the 10 Stop Big Stopper I bumped the ISO up to 1000 and the Aperture to f/8.0 in order to keep the shutter speed at 1/30th before popping on the filter. All the salty spray and splashing water made it challenging, but I am really pleased with this result.

Hope you enjoy!