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Botany Bay is an incredible region of untouched beauty. That is to say, it is untouched by man. As a Heritage Preserve it is a protected area, and it feels raw! It’s refreshing to go to a place like that and experience nature as it should be.

This shot was from our first morning […]

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The Mystique

Sullivan’s Island, SC

Staring across the bay, watching the dolphin play. The sun sets over the water and all is well.

For those interested, I processed this image a number of different ways to compare and contrast different techniques including straight HDR using Photomatix, Blending using LREnfuse, and single image ND Gradients. If you are interested […]

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Morning Mist

John MacLean and I just finished up our Charleston Spring Workshop with our last session at Folly Beach. We found some spectacular spots and our group was adventurous, eager to learn and super fun. We really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see all of you again soon.

This image was captured out on some […]

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The stark contrast of decay against life giving light and water is incredible. This was captured back in January when Colby Brown and Peyton Hale came down to explore the region.

Only 7 days left until we head back to this spot among others for the Charleston Spring Workshop with John MacLean.

Hope you […]

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“In our rich consumers’ civilization we spin cocoons around ourselves and get possessed by our possessions. ” – Max Lerner

An abstract from the other night when I headed out to shoot the lighthouse. Unfortunately the best sky was directly out to sea and not anywhere near the lighthouse and so I put together a […]

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Free Workshop Spot

South Carolina Living is paying for one lucky person to attend the Charleston SC Workshop on April 13th. For all the details head over to this Facebook post.
To check out the details of the workshop click HERE.

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2012 Top 12 : 1-4

“Calm Before”
Isle of Palms, SC

A brief interlude during the downpour as the sun peaks through. Only for a moment and then the storm is back.

For me this image is about the mood that is created by the clouds and water and the almost lack of color except for the sun. I also dig it’s […]

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Folly Beach, SC

Winds and tide batter the old bones.

Technical Info:
Nikon D800
11-16 f/2.8 @f/22
ISO 50 279 sec

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Rays of Hope

Sullivan’s Island, SC

Warming rays find a small window between stormy clouds to start another brilliant day.

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2012 Top 12 : 5 – 8

Folly Beach, SC

The coast of South Carolina is constantly shifting and changing as the sands are eroded here and deposited there. I imagine that this isn’t unique to the SC coast, but I notice it all the time.

On a warm morning last August, I ventured out to the North end of Folly to explore. […]

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