Green Meteor Over Price Lake

I just got back from Boone where we held our Mountain Astrophotography Workshop. Despite cloudy and rainy forecasts our group stuck it out and where richely rewarded with almost totally clear skies for […]

Camping on Capers Island

It was just Josh Carlisle and me and our kayaks. A whole island to ourselves.

Somehow we got all our gear into the kayaks and made our way out to the Island. We […]

Schoolhouse Falls, Panthertown Valley

This spring our waterfall crew hiked down in the darkness to this little gem at the bottom of a ravine. Tommy and I had scouted it a couple of days prior and discovered a […]


A few weeks back I had the distinct pleasure of taking a client to Botany Bay for a stormy sunrise. We had a blast negotiating the trees and surf and geting wet capturing […]

How to Deal with Condensation On Your Lens

Condensation is an absolutely killer to a photo shoot.  Once it sets in you can wipe and wipe and it will keep coming back.  So what causes condensation and how can you get rid […]

Stark, Smooth Blues & Heaven Above – Private Workshop Charleston SC

On Thursday evening and Friday morning I had the distinct pleasure of taking a client and new friend Tricia Booker out to photograph some of my favorite locations in and around Charleston.  We started […]