Bulls Island and Spring in Charleston Photo Workshop

The rush of the water and the pull of the tide as a gnarled old tree still stands chest deep in the swirling Atlantic.
If you have never seen these boneyards along the coast of […]

Winter Workshop – Boone, NC

Is there anything better than great light and a snow covered scene.  Maybe a little fog in the valley and mist all around. :)

The above shot was captured on the last day of the […]

Weekend Away – Hot Springs, NC

I just got back from a weekend away in Hot Springs near Asheville. It was my wife’s birthday and we decided a cabin in the woods with no cell phone coverage, TV’s or wifi […]

Hanging On – Hamlin Sound, Mount Pleasant, SC

I’ve wandered out into the marsh several times to catch a sunrise over the grasses and waterways many times.  Quite often it’s an adventure.  I’m not entirely sure why.  You would think after a […]

Bulls Island Expedition

On days like this when the rest of the world is bracing for the onslaught of winter weather, I relish the warmth of the coast and the remote islands around the low country. This […]

This Way to A Mental Reset

I captured this a few days ago as I ventured out onto the beach in search of solitude. There is nothing finer than a stroll on the beach to let the mind relax. There […]