Searching – A sescape from Newport Rhode Island

“I’ve spent half my life searching for the truth.  The left half of my life” – Jarod Kintz

I’ve always been enamored with long exposure seascapes.  The juxtaposition of solid immovable rock in high clarity […]

Happy New Year!

So I’m a little late wishing you all a Happy New Year. Sorry about that, I’ve been out of commission with the flu since Christmas. In fact my whole family has had it and […]

Washed Away – Bulls Island

A few weeks ago I found myself riding in the back of a government owned pickup truck leading a group on a sledge, safari style through the maritime jungles of Bulls Island. We were […]

Capers Island Kayak Camping Trip

This past weekend a bunch of friends headed out to Capers Island to scout the island and capture the beauty of the boneyard, dunes, beach and geminid shower.  We decided to kayak out to […]

Capers Island Kayak Adventure

Tomorrow I’m heading out to Capers Island with some good friends to scout and prepare for a special trip next May with Mountains to Sea Workshops.  Like my last trip out there we are kayaking out […]

“Behind the Falls” – Schoolhouse Falls, Panthertown Valley

Here is one where I got a little wet after an exhilarating hike exploring this area.  That seems to be a general theme.  Water and me.  :)

This was from my first visit to Panthertown […]