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Long Exposure Seascapes – Newport Rhode Island

I’ve been really interested in Long Exposure Seascapes for a long time. There is something dreamy and soothing about the misty foamy water and the streaking clouds. Because you can’t see this with the naked eye and rely on the gathering of light into the camera sensor, to me, these type of images become […]

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Outer Banks Photography Workshop with Athena Carey

We are thrilled to announce an Outer Banks Photography Workshop with the incredible fine art international photographer Athena Carey. Check out the flyer below and click through to get the full details.

A very special thanks to our sponsors, SmugMug, Nik Softare, XUME Adapters, F-Stop Gear and ASAP Photo & Camera.

Join us for […]

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“Return” – In the midst of a storm, Sullivan’s Island, SC

A buddy was visiting from DC just a couple of days ago and we decided to try to get out and shoot sunrise on one of the mornings he was here. He shoots music mostly these days but was really interested in getting out to Folly Beach. I can never turn down […]

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“Morning Has Broken” – Fort Fisher, Kure Beach, North Carolina

On the way up to OBX back in August I stopped at Kure Beach near Wilmington. In order to get there by sunrise I left Charleston at ~2am and loaded up the car with a whole CD case full of tunes back from college days. As I got on the highway the […]

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Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier – Tug of the Tide

“Tug of the Tide”

Morning light filters through the battered pier on the South end of Hatteras in the Outer Banks of NC. I spent a few days up there during the summer heat camping and exploring with friends. The Outer Banks is filled with incredible sights and a wild coast only tamed […]

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Morris Island Lighthouse – Folly Beach

“The Light”

Morris Island Lighthouse stands alone in the ocean detached from the world. We shall only gaze out upon it and marvel in the beauty of the sea.

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Sunrise over Isle of Palms – Time Lapse

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Morning Glow

Sullivan’s Island, SC

Bleached white oysters welcome the warming sun as they bask in a little tidal pool. Usually I see dark black oyster shells out in the water. This little pool of brilliant white shells was captivating.

The contrast of light on this scene was incredible. At least 8 stops difference between the […]

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Straight Out – The rock pier at Sullivan’s Island

Sunset on Sullivan’s Island is always spectacular. I had been visiting this spot numerous times and tracking the sunset using The Photographer’s Ephemeris ( – You need to use this) waiting until the sunset directly in line with this pier of rocks. These have been setup to prevent erosion. Although it looks […]

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Of Mice and Men

The glow from my LED powered headlamp generated a circle of calming blueish light as I walked on in high anticipation.

My boot sank out of sight and my leg disappeared up to the knee…

Luckily, I was carrying my tripod and I slammed in down to avoid falling in completely. After an intense struggle, I […]

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