Coastal Adventures

Illuminate – Edisto Beach, SC

“It may be that our cosmic curiosity… is a genetically-encoded force that we illuminate when we look up and wonder.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson


The coastal errosion of the barrier island offers many photographic opportunities.  Here is one from Edisto Island.  These trees are fascinating and they continue to stand in there relentless determination against the […]

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“Night Strolling” – Isle of Palms, SC

A gorgeous evening for a stroll under the stars. This was shot directly towards downtown Charleston and straight into all the light pollution. In a twisted way I really like the color and light that it adds.

I was suprised to see so much flooding on Isle of Palms, probably due to the super high […]

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Camping on Capers Island

It was just Josh Carlisle and me and our kayaks. A whole island to ourselves.

Somehow we got all our gear into the kayaks and made our way out to the Island. We also managed to navigate perfectly despite the heavy fog. It was weird paddling out into the channel and then hearing […]

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A few weeks back I had the distinct pleasure of taking a client to Botany Bay for a stormy sunrise. We had a blast negotiating the trees and surf and geting wet capturing really moody images. I’ve been so busy that I barely have had time to look through these images and […]

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Stark, Smooth Blues & Heaven Above – Private Workshop Charleston SC

On Thursday evening and Friday morning I had the distinct pleasure of taking a client and new friend Tricia Booker out to photograph some of my favorite locations in and around Charleston.  We started off with a light dinner and discussion on filters and long exposures at one of Sullivan’s Island’s hot spots.  After […]

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It’s been a crazy last week rolling out the new website and the 7 days of Spring Celebration.  Congrats again to all the winners.  If you didn’t see all the prizes or hear who the winners were check it out.   Tommy and I had a blast and the response was incredible.

After all those festivities […]

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Abstract beach sunrise

Happy Monday!

What do you do with a cloudless featureless sky, and an impending sunrise.  Well you can pack it in, or you can get creative.  Here I tried out a few techniques that I’d used long ago and almost forgotten about.  I like the negative space.   I need to do more of these. […]

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Untouched, Edisto Island

This was our first stop last year during Spring in Charleston. We are gearing up to head there again in a few weeks and are hoping for conditions to be just as perfect. Check out all the stops at

This week we have just launched a new website for Mountains To Sea […]

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Set Adrift – Capers Island, South Carolina

A few weeks ago Josh Carlisle and I jumped in Kayaks with all our gear and paddled out to Capers Island about 3 miles offshore from Charleston. It took us a little bit to squash it all in but eventually we were ready to go. As we paddled through the creeks and sound we […]

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Finding an Interesting Composition – Fort Fisher, NC

Choosing a subject and finding the best composition
When you are out in the field how do you go about finding and choosing the subjects you photograph? Does it come easy to you? Is it something you need to work at? For me this has been an evolution and the following post is just one of my experiences chosing a subject and composition a few months ago. But first the backstory.

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