Coastal Adventures

Schoolhouse Falls, Panthertown Valley

This spring our waterfall crew hiked down in the darkness to this little gem at the bottom of a ravine. Tommy and I had scouted it a couple of days prior and discovered a fantastic campsite nearby. Some folks were making the most of the campsite and we later discovered they had just gone […]

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Dreaming of Spring – Waterfalls in North Carolina

The weather has certainly got much colder over the last couple of weeks. Usually this doesn’t bother me, but I’m not used to multiple days of sub freezing temperatures at the coast. 🙂 I’ve even had to buy a new pair of gloves. I’m also really concerned about being ready for the […]

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Camping and Photographing Fall in the North Carolina Mountains

This fall I headed up to camp and photograph the fall foliage in Western North Carolina. Last year we went out to Colorado and Utah as a family and this year we decided to take some time and camp in the changing leaves. We hit a lovely family campsite called Honeybear Campground just outside […]

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Summer on the Blue Ridge Parkway

What better way to escape the heat and enjoy the outdoors than by heading to the highest elevation in the area. Tommy White and I scheduled a Landscape photography workshop on the Blue Ridge Parkway and I scheduled a family vacation shortly after to effectively get a chance to get away. Even […]

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Rough Ridge detail, BRP, NC

A couple of delicate wild mushrooms grow vertically up the side of a tree clinging to the moss. Yes that green stuff is moss. These mushrooms are really really tiny. After some research on varieties of mushrooms I am pretty sure these are either deadly poisonous or have incredible psychotropic […]

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High Light

Moraine Park, Colorado

Swirling mists and clouds are broken by the first rays of the sun spot lighting Longs Peak at 14200ft. Down in the valley, below the trees, the mist shrouded loud bugling from numerous Elk. Another 45 minutes later the light finally descended into the valley and the mist evaporated. Only then was […]

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Dreaming of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Roan Mountain, TN

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These weather beaten rocks covered with lichen brace themselves as a summer storm approaches. They have seen their fare share of magnificent moments on this high bald on the Appalachian trail.

I’m heading back in 7 weeks to lead a workshop with Tommy White during the peak of the Rhododendron bloom. […]

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Silver Run

Cashiers, NC

I’m really excited to be teaming up with
Tommy White to lead a Summer on the Blue Ridge workshop from Boone, NC. We will be exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway and Roan Mountains at the height of the rhododendron bloom. The rhododendrons will be spectacular, the sun will be warm and the early morning […]

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Mountain Splendor

“Mountain Splendor”
Highlands, NC

A glorious sunrise over Whitesides Mountain.

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The Edge

Looking through the rock into the canyons below, watching as the sun rises above the mountain ridge.
A new day dawns.
It’s going to be a good one.

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