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It’s been a crazy last week rolling out the new website and the 7 days of Spring Celebration.  Congrats again to all the winners.  If you didn’t see all the prizes or hear who the winners were check it out.   Tommy and I had a blast and the response was incredible.

After all those festivities […]

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Abstract beach sunrise

Happy Monday!

What do you do with a cloudless featureless sky, and an impending sunrise.  Well you can pack it in, or you can get creative.  Here I tried out a few techniques that I’d used long ago and almost forgotten about.  I like the negative space.   I need to do more of these. […]

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Behind the Lens – Capers Island

About two months ago Josh Carlisle and I went out to Capers Island on a spur of the moment adventure. The weather was crazy with storms, lightning, thick fog and incredible light. Just what we were after. 🙂

We had our tents and our kayaks so the next morning when […]

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A state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a person or place.

Snow arrived and the world grew still as the town shut down.  The bridges closed and the ice and snow settled in.  All was quiet.  The crunching of my boots and every now and then the twittering of a bird.  Amazing how quickly […]

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Reaching for the Stars – Botany Bay, Edisto Island SC

Monday morning early…. 3am early….. I geared up and headed over to Botany Bay hoping to get in and see if the clear skies would hold. I wanted to photograph the milky way above the trees that are so starkly contrasted against the beach and waves. With the trees leafless branches […]

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How to Get Tack Sharp Images with Low Noise in Low Light

Here is a quick tip on achieving tack sharp images with low noise while photographing in low light. In order to maximize the quality of the image, reduce noise and increase dynamic range and color space a low ISO is preffered. For landscapes that generally means opening the shutter for longer periods […]

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Set Adrift – Capers Island, South Carolina

A few weeks ago Josh Carlisle and I jumped in Kayaks with all our gear and paddled out to Capers Island about 3 miles offshore from Charleston. It took us a little bit to squash it all in but eventually we were ready to go. As we paddled through the creeks and sound we […]

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“Avenue of Oaks” – Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston, SC

The temperature has been see-sawing all over the place right now. Down one week then back up the next. Today it was hovering around 80!! In December! Next week it’s going to be below 50. The following week I’m headed to Rhode Island, and the temperatures will be 20-40 degrees. Sheeeeesh! […]

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Straight Out – The rock pier at Sullivan’s Island

Sunset on Sullivan’s Island is always spectacular. I had been visiting this spot numerous times and tracking the sunset using The Photographer’s Ephemeris ( – You need to use this) waiting until the sunset directly in line with this pier of rocks. These have been setup to prevent erosion. Although it looks […]

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Tranquility at Lake Moultrie

John and I ventured out to Lake Moultrie to capture these incredible cypress trees in the water. The water levels were nice and high and the sun was setting at a great angle to the trees which made for excellent conditions. We got there early and made our way down the dirt […]

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